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fishforclicks online shops

"It takes more than 'good looks' and 'good luck' to build a successful business online. Everyday leading UK companies are selling online now with fishforclicks you to can have your own cutting edge online shop with all the features that the big players in your sector pay big bucks for at a fraction of the cost"

Fish for clicks have set many retailers up online opening up more income for them using proven online shops that sel more and earn more our shops are simple to use and are online and delivered in one week.

Tackleoutlet was developed for a company that used to sell via ebay and for years paid the large listing and shop charges that are incurred using solutions like this high cost low profit and their customer loyalty zero as is the nature of ebay.

They had always used ebay due to the ease of listing and the felt that if they had their own site they would end up paying for web design and then have to keep paying for someone to constantly update the site with products.

The solution was not as complicated as they thought for around £500 they have a fully functioning web site that is goggle ranked and no longer have to rely on ebay sales.

Online shops make money so if you have a bricks and mortar shop now you need to be online.

Our shop sites have easy user features that are natural to most internet shoppers making it a smooth path to check out.

The online shop is setup to sell in a number of currencies and languages

Security is important and this software can withstand the most ardent hacker. And with ssl you can safely take credit card details and other sensitive information.


The back office is a powerful feature rich environment to prossess your orders and communicate with your customers enabling you to produce packing lists, invoices and produce dynamic customer updates in real time.

The stock is easily loaded using the stock entry system built in to the software no experience in web design is needed as the site automatically lays the stock out for you in the front end shop

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