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How We Work: Search Engine Optimization £299.00 per anum

Website Optimization is the process whereby your website is optimized to appeal to the search engines and therefore improve your position in organic searches

Website optimization (or search engine optimization) is one of those terms that is open to interpretation. It can cover a host of activities, and more recently has been used to encompass all aspects of what we would call “website marketing”.

We think it is important to spell out what we see as the distinction between “Search Engine Optimization” and “Website Marketing”. This will make it easier to compare information we give with that found on other websites.

First we get your site listed on the most importent places the search engines Take a look at our video's



The service we provide is for a year and we will also perform the following services to guarantee your site get rellervent traffic.

On-page Optimization

* Keyword Research
* Title and Meta Tags
* W3c Validation
* Video Optimization
* Image, hyperlink and other optimization

  1. Building links
  2. Directory submissions
  3. Ranking Report
  4. Monthly SEO Report

Adverse reporting

Our service will also include adverse radar this is software that we use to sniff the internet and we will find any chatter about your business good and bad.